Sew Much Fun ( Its a great place ! )

Lovely Sheri is responsible for this fabulous white recycled resewn refashioned vintage shirt ! Who is Sheri ? Go right now at her blog to discover tutorials, gifts and offers , funky stuff made with love ! This shirt came with two fridge magnets in a special packaging !
Thanx Sheri , it is awesome !

And here is some photos of her work!
enjoy and dont forget to pop in her blog or her dawanda shop !

Wood Frame

Something i did inspired of my searching in
pinterest ... really practical if you have
many earrings or works even for your favourite
photos .... The materials is simple wood sticks,
thread , spray color and a little gun glue .. but
if you dont have glue, thread works just fine to
tie the woods in the corners ..
and the following rocks picture stand is
inspired from my previous post ...

New Cozy Neckwarmers

New Wool and Fleece Neckwarmers in my shop!
check it out here

Upcycled Ideas !

Robots Made from Thrift Store Finds

Alternative Use of Old Spice Racks


A recycled Can Wine Rack


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